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  • 6 Session Package: Discounted Rate

    CECP Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el
    $675.00 $607.50

    Healing Package Is 6 Sessions & The Investment is $675.00 .

    This also comes with…

    -A Complete Pure Balance Assessment- Valued at $275 FREE

    -Emotional Aromatherapy Kit & A Guide To Managing Your Emotions While You’re Going Through The Process- Valued at $300.00

    -24 Hours Support For Any Questions & Support Through Processing.

    -Guide To Enhance the Healing Process.




    Package will expire in 50 days

    Full Investment Cost: $675.00


    Payment Plan:

    1st Payment Due on Day 1: $247.50

    2nd Payment Due on Day 15: $247.50

    3rd Payment Due on Day 30: $$247.50


    The emotion code and body code is a very dynamic system. And depending on what’s imbalanced in your body you will find that issues are layered meaning there could be one underlying cause with six underlying causes attached to that which consists of one layer. And that problem could have 6 layers.

    So, I focus on transformation work and ensuring that my clients get the ultimate benefit possible.

  • Purely Balanced You©- The Most Comprehensive Energy Healing System Devised

    CECP Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el

    Imagine your body free of pain and full of energy. How great would it feel for your default emotional expressions to be love, care, appreciation and compassion? Imagine being equipped with greater discernment and intuitive clarity could change your life. The world needs you to serve as your authentic self and be connected to your truths! What would life be like if you had more confidence to overcome obstacles with ease, cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and others. and tap into the HERO within?