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  • Heart-Wall Consultation

    CECP Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el

    FREE Heart-Wall consultation. Now is the time to see if your greatest assets is being block. Why not have more happiness, joy, better health and happier relationships. Create more abundance and get more clarity so you can live a purposeful and fulfilled life!

  • OnBoard+

    CECP Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el

    Getting Your Subconscious OnBoard+ With Your Dreams

    The subconscious is powerful. And we understand little to nothing about it.  This can be very detrimental to our success, because our subconscious is 95% of our intelligence and most likely it’s not on board with the dreams and goals that you are attempting to pursue.  Imagine that you decide to start a new career, decide to lose the next 20 pounds or you begin your hero’s journey to become the world greatest entrepreneur.  You buy the weight loss supplements, invest the dollars to start this business venture or you go back to college.  5% of your conscious mind thinks this is a clever idea but other 95% of your mind, which is your subconscious mind has different thought about this journey.

    See the problem is up until this very moment the subconscious mind has been archiving everything you see, feel, touch, tastes, smell and so forth.  It knows every emotional events and experience.  It has archived the first experience of the failure in the last business.  It has archived the last five weight loss programs you have attempted to use but you failed and you abuse yourself because of this failure.  It remembers the last time you went to college and how you were unable to get a job after or you settled for career that has nothing to do with what you went to college for.

    And now you have a new clever ideal that you have consciously created. Unfortunately, the subconscious is not in alignment with this clever idea.

    On board is subconscious prepping program where we get the subconscious on board with your goals, dream and vision. We ask the subconscious questions that only a trained practitioner would ask and we release the emotions that are causing the subconscious to block the conscious mind from proceeding.