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  • Follow Your Heart: Heart- Wall Removal

    CECP Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el

    They tell you to follow your heart but how can you when its BLOCKED? Removing the heart-wall will be one of the greatest decisions every made. The heart sources your creativity. The heart also gives you intuitive guidance. The hearts posses a bio magnetic fields send out  messages from the inside out to the rest of the world. The heart also possesses it’s own complex intrinsic nervous system that acts as  a brain and function independently from the brain in the head. And that’s why it’s called your heart brain. It can sense, process and encode information internally. Evidence also show’s that the heart’s brain possesses the capacity to learn, has short term and long memory, and neural plasticity. Ascending neurological signals sent from the brain continuously interacting with and modifying the activity in the brain’s higher cognitive and emotional centers. So, input originating in the heart is a major and consistent influence in the very processes underlying our perception, cognition and emotions.

    So what if your heart is sending messages to the brain, body and others that your depressed, indecisiveness, fearful, prideful, shamed, worry, angered, filled with hatred, a failure, insecure, lost, filled with lust, wishy washy and so forth; how would that affect you, business, your relationship, love, finding your purpose, being fulfilled or quality of life?

    Well, these emotion form a wall around your heart and you begin to send out a noxious message to your brain, body, and to the world around you. Heart- wall removal is the process of removing these emotion from around your heart.

    This is the perfect time follow your heart, live your dreams and make an impact. Let’s take the journey together!

  • Most Popular Package: 12 Sessions

    CECP Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el
    $1,200.00 $900.00

    This package is the most popular because the client will be experiencing the Emotion Code at it’s deepest level. The average person has nearly 350- 450 trapped emotions that are leaving them stuck, sick and unable to live a fulfilled life. We dive deep in these sessions with one intent! And, that is to FREE you from self bondage.

  • Pet Sessions

    CECP Emmanuel Bartholomew Ben Isra'el
    $85.00 $55.00

    We facilitate this preliminary meeting so that the animal owner can confide in our practice and receive their testimonial of our work. Qualification for this discounted price happens when our office sets up four sessions in our calendar.